Phil is flying his drone
Filming at refugee camp
Interview in Athens, Greece
Steffie shows her footage to a child
Katja posing at Niagara Falls
Robert filming delivery of seafood

About Us

We are a network of experienced video journalists and videographers based in Berlin – ready to make videos for you all over Europe. Whether you need footage or a fully edited story - we produce independently on behalf of our clients within given budgets and time constraints.

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is the founder of Berlin Videographers. He has years of experience as a video journalist for Germany's leading news website SPIEGEL ONLINE. As a reporter he also works for German radio and TV stations.
works as a videographer, editor and director. She has filmed and interviewed people in over 10 countries, with a focus on Germany and Latin America. Her work was awarded at the Belize Film Festival.
Philipp works as a video journalist, tv reporter und visual storyteller. As a contributor to the multimedia project „Das Paris-Protokoll“ he was nominated for the Grimme Online Award 2016.
has been working as a videographer and filmmaker since 2006. He was filming on Tahrir Square in Egypt when the Revolution started and accompanied refugees at the camp in Idomeni, Greece.
Daniel works as a journalist, director and cinematographer around the globe. His films have been shown at international festivals and on TV. Daniel won several international awards. He is a alumnus of Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.
works as a videographer and cinematographer, 1st AC and editor. His documentary „Mister James“ was screened at several international festivals. He is studying cinematography at Potsdam Babelsberg.
works as a videographer, editor and writer. As a day-reporter for the German public broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, she is accustomed to quickly producing online and television reports.
Stefanie has nine years of experience as a journalist, videographer and editor. As reporter she went to refugee camps in Lebanon and travelled on a ship to the Antarctica. Her work has been awarded three times with the "Bremer Fernsehpreis".
Christiane works as a web video and virtual reality journalist. In Iraq she covered the fight against IS in 360 degrees. Her work is awarded with renowned "Deutscher Reporterpreis" and "Deutscher Fernsehpreis".
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